Why choose Accent LED Lighting over all of other sites selling tape light? It’s simple, we want your lights to work perfectly for many years to come. Hence our 3 year warranty!

Many sites claim they have a “waterproof” outdoor tape light, but buyer beware:

  • Usually, the tape light has just a surface coating and in a damp location will fail as water seeps in behind and corrodes the electronics.
  • Or, it comes with a silicon tube around the tape light – ensure a complete seal and that nothing ever puts the tinniest hole is near impossible – doomed to fail.
  • Accent LED Lighting only uses fully water proof tape lighting – first the factory places the first initial surface coating, then a second coat is place 360 degrees around the entire tape lighting, making our lighting submersible to 2 feet.

We don’t just sell – we design, install & support.

Accent LED Lighting has a 4+ year history developing and installing long runs of several hundred to several thousand feet of LED lighting.

Other common issues you may come across include:

  • Over powering the diodes to make the tape brighter: Some sneaky manufacturers use slightly weaker resisters which then provides a higher voltage to the diodes making them brighter but burning them out – if they guarantee their lighting any less than 3 years, beware!
  • 24 Volt: Electrical codes only allow 60 watts on 12 volt systems but 100 watts on 24 volt systems and you can go twice as far on your wiring before voltage drop occurs. 24 volt is hugely superior when installing over 50 feet of lighting.

82 % of our customers call on us again to do more lighting for them.

Our client list includes: