Dock Lighting

Your summertime dock enjoyment is extended well beyond dark!

Fun; complete dock lighting opens up the dock for evening and nighttime events from dock parties to relaxing late evening swims – your summertime dock enjoyment is extended well beyond dark!

  • Water proof; the tape lighting we use under and around the edges of docks are fully encapsulated with a water proof coating with a submersible rating
  • All aluminum structure means no rust and no plastic clips to fail in the future.
  • Durable; screw mounted via riveted aluminum tabs, we build the lighting to last through our harsh Canadian climate, year after year
  • Straight; an aluminum sleeve connection between bars, holds them together for a seamless and straight line run.
  • Reflection; unlike other lighting, our complete perimeter or under dock lighting provides for a wide area of reflective lighting off the water with no single harsh bright spot, subtle and classy. Dimmable to barely on, you can adjust the brightness to your liking.
  • Safety; the dock deck becomes clearly outlined with reflective light playing off the water on either side – there is no mistaking where the edge of the dock is.

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