Border / Perimeter / Edge / Skyline Lighting

Classy lines; our neat and tidy methods ensure straight lines with little to no visible wiring, very discreet.

Key Features

    • Increased walk/drop in – more traffic as your operation will eye catching
    • Classy lines – our neat and tidy methods ensure straight lines with little to no visible wiring; you simply look good
    • Security – these lights are significantly brighter than rope or Christmas lighting strings (even with our lowest lumen product) and extra lighting provides extra security.  In addition, utilizing one of our higher lumen products, you can achieve task lighting levels for working areas.
    • Safety – increased lighting helps to bring attention to stairs and side walk edges for added safety
    • No UV and limited heat – Regular lighting produces UV rays and heat which attract bugs – our products have no UV rays and very little heat meaning far fewer bugs.
    • Low energy – Consider a traditional 60 watt light bulb. With our LEDs we can provide 145 feet of perimeter lighting for that same 60 watts, and still be quite bright. Truly amazing.
    • Long life – 70,000 hours to 80% of original brightness. Even after using our lights every night, from dusk until dawn, for 11.5 years, you can expect the lighting to still be working at 80% of the brightness of the first day.

Potential Uses

    • Mall outlines
    • Hotel skylines
    • Restaurant building edges
    • Patio trim
    • Tray or ceiling accents lighting
    • Dock perimeter
    • Under dock lighting
    • Breezeway lighting
    • Stair and Rail lighting


Best Western – West Kelowna

Best Western – Revelstoke

Comfort Inn and Suites